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Frederic Belot

Directeur artistique


  Travaille à distance ou dans vos locaux

  12 ans d'éxpérience


  • Direction artistique
  • Graphisme
  • Webdesign
  • Illustration
  • Photographie

Réseaux sociaux



The image has always captivated me, I graduated from an applied art school. I love creating visual concepts. After having worked for many years as an independent artist, collaborating with communication agencies, I joined one of them in 2012 as an artistic director and graphic designer.
I guided the client through the artistic part of the work (publications, magazines, advertising campaigns, audiovisual productions...).
With the model makers and the graphic designers I've supervised the visual aspect of the publications, with the copywriter (in charge of the text), I've been the middleman between the client or the commercial service and the subordinates (photographers, illustrators, computer graphic designers,...)
I also personally create illustrations that I exhibit under the name KAP. I'm involved into several cultural and musical associations.
For any further informations, I let you contact me.


Image de Frederic Belot


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